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As mobile internet access become wide spread, touch based powerful mobile devices (smart phones, tablets and ultrabooks) take central stage in life. People are using them daily  for both content creation (such as taking pictures or videos with phones) and content consumption (such as browsing web, watching video and playing games).

Modern mobile devices and mobile OSes (Android, iOS, Windows 8) provide both challenges and opportunities to connect people and enable communication. We are exploring new and interesting designs to allow mobile devices to connect and share easily with each other.
PeerDeviceNet is both a mobile app and an app framework.

As mobile app, it connects your phones and tablets securely through WI-FI network to enable sharing across devices. It allows a group of devices share web pages, contact information, pictures, videos and other documentations. Connecting devices could be as simple as touching "Search and connect" button. Sending and sharing is initiated by touching the standard android "share" button which most major android apps support.

As app framework, it provides reusable components and local services which can help developing connected mobile applications. You can use  PeerDeviceNet connection manager to connect your devices, and reuse the secure connection features. Via PeerDeviceNet, your apps can send messages to peer devices using high level Android intents and messengers; or communicate thru IDL interfaces to gain fine grained control of messaging and device connection behaviours.

PeerDeviceNet is available free at popular app stores such as Google play and Amazon AppStore.